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Fort Myers Mobile RV Repair!

Mobile RV Repair
Customizing RV’s to luxury is one of our specialties. Call today and let us show you what we can do!

Welcome to Mobetta RV Repair!
Where everything is "Mobetta" (More Better)


We specialize in all aspects of RV, Yacht, & Horse Trailer Repair. We have mobile services and a 6,000 square foot service center. We will work with your insurance provider on all claims!!


Most water damage, roof top damage and awning replacements are covered under your policy, along with so much more. We have worked with insurance companies for years, so we know what is covered. Before spending huge fees, call us and we'll let you know if it's covered!

Custom Interior Renovation
We Have Access to Almost All Common Replacement Parts
Authorized Dometic Service Center
Air Conditioners
Bathrooms / Toilets
All Aspects of Plumbing
Hot Water Heaters
12 Volt / 110 Wiring Operations
LP Gas Diagnostic and Repair
Chassis Lubrication
Body Work
Foggy Windows
Custom Welding
Custom Cargo Trailers
RV Repair Arcadia Florida

Not used to our Florida Heat?

Your AC going out is bad news for our heat & humidity. Repairing AC’s in one of our most popular services! We have access to most parts and work with your insurance providers for coverage details.

If you cant come to us, our mobile RV AC technician will come to you.

Fort Myers RV Repairs

Why are the walls bubbling up?

Water damage is literally the serial killer for RV’s.

If you see Brown or rust color stains, bubbles or waves on the sidewall, (usually near a window), unfortunately it’s not the glue. You have a little water damage.

The sooner we get to it, the less damage will happen, so please call us quick!

Fort Myers Mobile Rv Repair

What's that noise?

Fridge making unusual noises or not getting cold? Generator or stove acting up? No problem.

We can service any appliance and have access to just about every replacement part you could ever need.

Want a new "Mobetta" one? We'll help you pick out the one you want! Call us today!

Fort Myers RV Repairs
Fort Myers RV Repairs
Fort Myers Mobile Rv Repair